branding / interior design / co-working space / project management / print / signage / graphic design

MHO Space’s concept is built mainly on the move away from the traditional office environment to a remote working environment. The MHO Space business model includes the management of all marketing, fulfilment and operations relating to remote working hubs.

MHO Space approached us in need of the works. Branding, interior design, project management as well as a website and general design work. We worked closely with the MHO Space team in the pursuit of a unique experience for all their clients. Urban Design Studio created a high-end, functional brand that represents the experience MHO Space clients will have. The interiors and inviting, unique and creative. The overall space invigorates creativity and allows both individuals and teams to get the most out of their time within MHO Space.

If you are in need of a creative hub or office space in the heart of Gorey, be sure to get in touch with MHO Space

Photography: Ted Murphy,

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