Republic of Work

Our experts design functional co-working spaces that are also fabulous!

branding / interior design / co-working space / project management / print / signage / graphic design

Republic of Work is Cork’s leading co-working space, a creative and flexible innovation hub in the heart of the city.

Republic of Work has grown over the years and while it retains its core essence of creativity and innovation, it has matured. Urban Design Studio were tasked with bringing this maturity to the forefront in both the branding and the office space. We met with the ROW team and decided on a firm direction for the over all experience they wanted their clients to have.

From here we worked closely with Republic of Work to accurately capture their brand essence and create a unique experience for everyone who entered the building.

If you are in need of a creative hub or office space in the heart of Cork City, be sure to get in touch with Frank and the team

Photography: RobinĀ Guiton

Graphic Design of Co-Working Space Logo
Functional Vibrant Co-Working Office Design
Bold Co-Working Space
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Breakout Room Interior that inspires creativity
Co-Working Office Interior Ideas
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